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Birthdate:Jul 22
Location:Illinois, United States of America

Interests (134):

atheism, becker, bisexual, bisexuality, books, boy meets world, buffy the vampire slayer, canada, candy mountain, cats named bob, charlie the unicorn, charlie unicorn, choice, classical music, clothes, clue, coffee, colin mochrie, computers, dane cook, daydreaming, definite article, drawing, dress to kill, drumming, due south, eclectic music taste, eddie izzard, family, fingering, firefly, fucking, gay, gay pride, gilmore girls, girls, glorious, gmail - inbox (1), grammar, harmful if swallowed, harry potter, hats, history, house, ipods, itunes, jon stewart, journey, kat, kissing, kissing girls, kissing kat, la vie boheme, learning, lesbian, lesbianism, lesbians, libraries, listing my interests, love, making it work, making lists, making mixes, making out, masturbation, monopoly, monty python, movies, mucho masturbation, music, musicals, mutual masturbation, mythbusters, mythology, oral sex, orgasms, paramore, paul gross arms, people with interesting interests, phone sex, photography, procrastination, queer rights, quotes, rain, rainbows, random acts of kindness, random fits of organisation, randomness, raptors, reading, rent, retaliation, romance, safe sex, sarcasm, sex, sexuality, shiny things, shopping, spatula madness, stephen colbert, suiting up, talking, tattoos, texting, the colbert report, the daily show, the gay, the headstones, the princess bride, traveling, triangles, trivia, ugly betty, unicorns, urban legends, useless information, video games, walking, whose line, wit, women, women in suits, work, work with breezes, writing, writing about my interests, ww2, xkcd, , ♀♀, ♂♂,
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